My first international flight / my first international trip. So many questions enter your mind while you’re standing in line at the passport office a week before your flight, two seconds before you hit the “book now” button. But those nerves and questions fade away and form new ones returning from such an amazing trip ~ why didn’t I do this sooner, what took me so long...but most importantly when is the next trip?



Along with the towering cliffs along the bluest sea, the white washed buildings along the brilliant sky blues and romantic sceneries of Santorini.


Take a picture, take a picture!
- the first herder said

You could hear the bells jingle down each step along the beautiful towering and windy staircases along the cliffs of Santorini. Some slower than others as you heard the rhythm of the bells pick up and slow down with each step as they made their way to the bottom of the staircase.


There were no words for Santorini, it was magical. But when we rode the ferry to Mykonos I fell in love with the textures, the earth tones against the white washed buildings, the sea salt air, the pristine beaches, the delicious flavors in town and the off beaten roads and views that make you never want to leave.